Speedy Check

  • Safety inspection of tires and cables (all brought to proper specs)
  • Brake and shifting adjustments
  • All fasteners were torqued to proper specs.
  • Fill tires to correct pressure
  • Lubricate drivetrain

Price: $ 59

Next complete Tune-Up

  • (Includes all services from Speedy check) plus:
  • Align and adjust brakes/shifting.
  • Battery and motor check.
  • Hydraulic brake fluid inspection, top off fluid, check brake pads wear and advice.
  • Road test.
  • Wipe down frame, fork and wheels.

Price: $ 99

Other Labor Rates

Chain replacement
Gear adjustment and lube
Flat tire patching, tube replacing
Drivetrain cleaning
Slime tube sealant (includes material) (Per Tire)
Brake adjustment
Brake bleed (labor only)
Brake pad change